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Can I ban my account?
Can I ban my account?

Information about account bans and how we handle them

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We can offer account bans if you'd like some time out. We understand that gambling can turn into an addiction rather than a form of entertainment, and that's not something we want to happen.

We offer indefinite full-site and gambling bans via our support system and gambling and account bans for up to 30 days via your profile page directly.

Take a break

If you head over to your profile page on the site, you'll see this option:

Clicking "Enable" will allow you to apply a betting or account lock. Please keep in mind that our support team will not lift these locks manually under any circumstances.

Betting locks

Applying a betting lock allows you to temporarily disable specific gambling features while maintaining full access to all other site features:

For example, to block roulette, simply select roulette, specify the duration, and click "Apply." You can add additional games to your betting lock or extend its duration at any time by clicking the "Edit" button on your profile page:

Please note that it is not possible to remove games from an active lock or to reduce the lock's duration.

Account locks

If you apply an account lock, you will lose access to the entire site for the set duration. This includes access to our casino games, tipping, deposits, and withdrawals. You will still be able to claim your bonuses.

Manual bans

If you'd like a longer gambling block applied, or a full-site ban, feel free to reach out to our on-site support team.

We can offer custom-duration bans that expire after a certain period of time or apply bans that remain in place indefinitely.

Please note that an indefinite ban can be lifted on request, but only after it has been in place for at least 30 days since you can apply a self-lock for up to 30 days via your profile page.

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