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How do I sell my crypto?
How do I sell my crypto?

Information about how to sell cryptocurrency for cash

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There are a lot of methods available online to sell crypto for cash, however, the safest method would be via a crypto exchange. This is a platform allowing you to transfer crypto -> cash, or crypto -> crypto. Commonly used ones are Binance, Coinbase & Kraken.

Lots of different exchanges are available, and we recommend searching around for the best options in your specific location.

The general process for selling your crypto would be:

  1. Withdraw crypto from Empire to your deposit address on the exchange

  2. Sell the crypto on the exchange for your chosen cash currency

  3. Withdraw your cash balance to your bank or card from the exchange

Due to the number of exchanges available, it's very difficult for us to provide help with specific exchanges, although most exchanges should have their own support systems available if you need any help.

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