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How are the fees calculated?
How are the fees calculated?

Information about our crypto withdrawal fee structure

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You may notice that we charge fees to withdraw your coins via certain cryptocurrencies:

These fees don't benefit the site in any way, they're just the network fees that are required for us to get your withdrawal sent out along with a small fee that our payment processor charge us for sending payments.

How fast are these fees?


  • Slow = Up to 24 hours (Usually only a few hours)

  • Standard = ~30-60 minutes

  • Fast = ~10-30 minutes


  • Slow = ~5-10 minutes

  • Standard = A few minutes

  • Fast = Instant


  • Always instant

These fees can fluctuate quite often too, but we ultimately have no control over them as they're automatically calculated based on that cryptos current required fees to meet the quoted ETAs.

LTC and BCH offer the lowest fees when withdrawing.

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