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30 minute auction update (8th May 2024)
30 minute auction update (8th May 2024)

Information about the update to auction trades reducing the time from 12 hours to 30 minutes

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We've changed how long the seller and buyer are given to complete an auction trade to 30 minutes on each side. We've made this change based on a lot of feedback from customers to help speed up the trading process as an auction trade implies both the seller and buyer are online and ready to complete the trade.

Sellers now have 30 minutes to send the item and buyers have 30 minutes to accept the item. This only impacts auction trades. Non-auction trades will still give the seller and buyer 12 hours to complete the trade.

How this impacts sellers

You will need to send and confirm that you've sent the item on the site in 30 minutes if your item has been sold through an auction.

How this impacts buyers

You will need to confirm or dispute the trade on t he site in 30 minutes. If you don't act on the trade in 30 minutes, the trade will be automatically marked as completed.

Failure to complete an auction trade in the 30 minutes you're given will result in a trade punishment. You can read more about our trade punishments here.

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