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How do I send or receive a tip?
How do I send or receive a tip?

Information about how customers can send and receive tips

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We allow customers to instantly send and receive coins between 2 users with tips. There are no fees when sending or receiving a tip.

How to send a tip

To send a tip, click the 3 dots on the bottom right of the chat and then select 'Send a tip':

After this, you'll need to enter the receivers Steam ID and the amount of coins that you want to send them:

To find the receiving users Steam ID, you can paste their Steam profile URL into a tool like this: You're looking for the 'steamID64'.

How to receive a tip

The sender will need to know your Steam ID to send a tip. To find this, you you can paste your Steam profile URL into a tool like this:, or you can make a support ticket and say "Whats my Steam ID?" to be given this automatically.

Once the tip has been sent, you'll receive these coins instantly and without any fees.

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