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Account under manual review
Account under manual review

Some examples of why an account may be under manual review

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If you get an error when withdrawing crypto saying your account needs to be manually reviewed, there are a few reasons this could be happening. Below are a couple of examples.

Your account needs to complete KYC checks

If you haven't completed KYC checks on your account and you're getting this error, it means you'll need to KYC verify your account before being able to withdraw more coins via crypto.

Typically, these checks are only required once you've withdrawn 2000 coins via crypto, but our security system can trigger these checks before this limit in some cases.

To complete these checks, click on your name on the top right of the site and you'll see an 'ID Verification' tab. If you have any issues or questions about these checks, please reach out to support.

You're making a withdrawal after a cash deposit with no wagering

As we don't allow the site to be used as a crypto exchange, you can't make a crypto withdrawal instantly after depositing with cash (Gift codes, credit cards etc). You can view more information about this here:

In these cases, you'll need to withdraw skins or contact support if this was triggered unfairly. If we can see that you're using the site as a crypto exchange, crypto withdrawals and tips may be blocked on your account.

If you don't feel that either of the above examples apply, please get in touch with our support team who can have a look for you.

We can't share the reason for every single decline otherwise people would understand how to get around our security system, which defeats the purpose of it. We do our best to reduce false positives to make withdrawing as smooth as possible.

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