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KYC checks

Information about why and when we require KYC checks to be completed

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In some cases, we'll ask users to complete KYC checks to allow further crypto withdrawals through. Usually these checks are required after a customer has withdrawn 2000 coins via crypto in total, although these checks may be triggered earlier than this for security purposes.

These checks have to be completed to comply with certain laws and regulations. There are 2 documents we'll typically need to see:

  • Proof of ID; An image of an ID document you own like a passport or driver's license.

  • Proof of address; An image of a document, or a downloaded document, with your name and address listed on it. Bank statement or utility bill, for example.

We complete these checks via ShuftiPro and our system is automated. You'll be notified if you need to complete these checks and an 'ID Verification' tab will appear on your profile page.

Our support team is on hand to help you complete these checks if you're facing any issues.

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