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Who's behind CSGOEmpire?
Who's behind CSGOEmpire?

Some information on the people behind the site

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The owner of the site is known as Monarch!

In 2015, he started building CSGOEmpire from his bedroom -- It all started with a small loan of a million dollars (11,000€), their business partner, and a couple of freelancers.

Since then, we've grown massively, and we now employ some of the most brilliant minds in the gambling industry. We're a group of passionate gamers, gamblers, professional poker players, (e)sports bettors, and the list goes on. However, we prefer to keep our team as small and as tight as possible, and we pay them better salaries than most of the top technology companies in the world.

Our company, Moonrail Limited, is located in Curaçao. However, our team is entirely remote. Our team consists of people from over ten different countries worldwide, the majority being from Europe.

He's personally known for his work as an advocate for fair and transparent gambling, as he's often heavily criticizing the shadier operators in this scene. You can follow his work on his personal Twitter page.

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