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How do I deposit? (CSGO)

Instructions on how to deposit CSGO items

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To start making a CSGO deposit, go here.

You will then see your CSGO inventory and the items that you can list. Please note that we're only able to see items in your inventory after they've been in your inventory for 10+ days.

If you're new to the site, you may need to enter your trade URL to help us fetch your inventory.

From here, you just need to select the item(s) you wish to deposit and click 'Deposit Item'. Here's a video to help:

You'll then be given further instructions on the site showing you how to complete the trade if another customer withdraws your item.

If you list your item for 6% or less, it will be listed via our auction system.

If you list your item for more than 6%, it will skip the auction stage and go directly to the withdraw page.

You can read more about how this system works here:

If you run into any issues or confusion, please contact our on-site support team.

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